Nuclear Renaissance: Mad Max, Gorka Morka & Necromunda, but with more fuel


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Welcome to our today’s rules package, with a post-apocalyptic future, gangs, mutants, tanks, tuned Gyrocopters and magnetic rifles.

Link to the official page of Ramshackle Games

nr 00

Nuclear Renaissance has all of that and more.
After the lockout of the Games Workshop specialist’s games lines, it was evident that soon will come the arise of companies willing to take the empty niches filled with players who continue to struggle and that could be interested in developments with the appropriate character.
If Dystopian Wars and Star Wars are getting a gap between the followers of Battlefleet Gothic, as Malifaux and Frostgrave between Mordheim gamers and Dreadball between Blood Bowlers, Nuclear Renaissance comes for orphans from Gorka Morka and Ash Wastes of Necromunda.

nr 01

And by dint of being honest that has pros to achieve.

To begin with, has a line of original miniatures with high quality and competitive price, as well as being perfectly mixed with other brands, as you can see in the pictures above and below these lines.

nr 02
Magnificent the ‘Chaos warrior with internal combustion generator’. And also the tracked cyborgs

Furthermore, in this I send my sincere show of respect, the rules specify that NO BASE OR SCALE MATTERS ON THE MINIATURES USED TO PLAY.
So clear.
If you like the base, and the scale fits too, go ahead.
Because here we have neither sworn allegiance to any particular brand, and if we got cool minis, and they fits with our troops and style, why not use it?

It seems a platitude, and many of us have an open view of the thing and internalize this freedom as unwritten rule, but it’s always nice to see a company refusing to force you to follow the canon of their products.
After all, if your models deserve it, we buy them althought liking the rules or not.
Now, if your rules also work well, happiness embrace all

nr 04

The vehicles range are awesome in appearance, design and originality too.

Second and a thousand times more important: the rules are free. If you like, use them, if not, stick with miniatures and play them as you wish.

Third, the rules allow matches with several full vehicles bands without too much delay in the progress of the game.

nr 05 nr 03

This is achieved by careful design of the profiles of attributes, with 7 features to control all the actions of our warriors, basing the system on D10 classic rpg’s, and making one of them, the  Aptitude, a wildcard for all those actions that are out of the routine.
So if one of our goons (the less veteran guys we got on our gang, equals to Necromunda’s Juves) decides to jump from a motorcycle to try slip through the dashboard of an enemy vehicle and shake to the driver, simply roll to know if he’s successful or just finish decorating the toxic desert.

nr 06 nr 07

Vehicles got only 2 attributes more rather than warriors, and 3 of them are moving distances and transport capacity.

Do not think that this supposed simplicity let things in the pipeline: the rules fully complete. Simply, they have polished the way to solve the shares.

nr 08

Rules also allow customization of characters and vehicles to where we want to take, can design anything from a dwarf standing on a trick chopper armed with a rocket launcher to a giant driving a rolling fortress bristling with weapons.
The only limit is your imagination.

nr 09 nr 10

As a climax, comment that the package includes full color rules, a second file with rules for direct printing layouts (black and white and on the way), and as extras, a brand’s catalogue , reference sheets (always very useful) and new rules for MUTANTS’ bands.
The worshipers of Chaos, and especially of the Realm of Chaos books, MUST READ THEM.
Seriously, worth.
They will make you drop a tear and hurl you to ride your first band of looters.

Enjoy it.


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