Explorando el Submundo… III

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“SI el Caos es insidioso y aparece en todas partes…
aún más terrible es la amenaza de los Cultos Genestealer.

Basta un solo Genestealer Purasangre que encuentre un huésped humano que sobreviva…
y la plaga Genestealer se extenderá como la pólvora, a no ser que los Servicios Imperiales actúen a tiempo.

Y en un caldo de cultivo tan productivo como es un Submundo plagado de mutantes y renegados, capaz de ocultar las más terribles monstruosidades en su interior y con tan poca presencia de la Lex Imperialis…
la suerte está echada”

¡Lo prometido es deuda!

Aquí estamos, de nuevo en las entrañas de las zonas más peligrosas de las Ciudades Colmena para echarle un vistazo a la amenaza Genestealer.

En vista de la jugada de Games Workshop, sacando DeathWatch OverKill, repleto de miniaturas suficientes como para montarse un par de bandas del Culto Genestealer, ó un ejército  bastante apañado en Warhammer 40000; era obligatorio renovar la lista del Culto.

Como tantos otros veteranos, reconozco que la caja de marras me atrae un montón, especialmente porque incluye casi una docena de marines bastante apañados (especialmente el exterminador Salamandra y el motorista Cicatriz Blanca).

Pero vayamos a lo que nos interesa: los Cultistas.

Como en los dos casos anteriores (Exploradores Marines y Eldar) he seguido la política de menos es más, prefiriendo siempre bajar el nivel de combate de las tropas antes que dejar de incluirlas, algo especialmente factible en Necromunda, puesto que con el tiempo y el sistema de experiencia, nuestros chicos llegarán a ser las máquinas de matar que queremos que sean.

Las reglas están basadas exclusivamente en la 2ª Edición (evidentemente), aunque he incluido las Aberraciones, porque las miniaturas lo merecen, y muchos vais a querer usarlas.

Además, es de esos detalles que le hacen a uno tener una mínima esperanza en nuestra largo tiempo denostada compañía: la imagen de unos Híbridos en los que la combinación génica no ha salido como debía es magnífica a nivel de Trasfondo.

Por último, añadir que la Lista incluye una pequeña sorpresa final.

Espero que la espera y el trabajo realizado merezcan la pena.

¡Que lo disfrutéis!

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Zaraza – Between Noise & Doom

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Today, one strange record that oozes memories on all four sides.

From a very peculiar vision, of course.

Personally, I find reminiscences of Einstürzende Neubauten and first German industrial metal wave (there is some Richthofen at some of the subjects) on it; by the other hand, we find (obvious) influences from the Polish school, both in its death & (a)typical gothic / doom waves (Nargathrond especially).

The mixture makes it an album to enjoy with a generous tin of craft beer and one good science fiction book, something hard, dark and smoke-filled in humid environment of a factory city or a semi-ruined space-station (I mainly think on China Miéville and William Gibson’s works, but with that great atmosphere, any novel based on the dark and dystopian Warhammer 40,000 universe will suit it as well).

Especially recommended for Atrocity, Das Ich and Laibach lovers.

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Zaraza – Entre el ruido y el castigo

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El de hoy es un disco extraño, pero que rezuma recuerdos por los cuatro costados.

Desde una visión muy peculiar, claro está.

Personalmente, encuentro reminiscencias de Einstürzende Neubauten y la primera ola de metal industrial alemán (hay algo de Richthofen en algunos de los temas); por el otro lado, nos encontramos evidentes influencias de la escuela polaca, tanto en su vertiente death como en la gothic / doom mas atípica (Nargathrond especialmente).

La mezcla hace de éste un álbum para disfrutar acompañado de una generosa lata de cerveza espesa artesanal y un buen libro de ciencia ficción, algo que sea duro, oscuro y que nos introduzca en el ambiente húmedo repleto de humo de una ciudad fábrica ó una estación espacial semi-ruinosa (pienso principalmente en China Miéville y William Gibson, pero dado el estupendo ambiente de la música, cualquier novela basada en el oscuro y distópico universo de Warhammer 40000 le va como anillo al dedo).

Especialmente recomendado para amantes de Atrocity, Das Ich y Laibach.

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My life as Chaos’ worshiper…and my Eldar flirt

Well, pagans spread presents at winter fell too…

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Happy New Year to all.
I hope Chaos Gods been profligate with all of you in mucus, flatulence, metamorphosis, colds and other Chaos’ gifts, very appropriated at this time (me? touched by mucus, mucus, and mucus everywhere, blessed be the Father Nurgle …)

As I have said on other occasions, I have the endless joy of my delightful companion, who beats me game by game, taking advantage from our kitchen’s table great size.

However, the Gods have always been devious and fickle, and, after a lifetime of dedication to Khorne Malal XD , it was clear that “He who transforms things” was willing to give it back with style.
And so it has been. The blessing is that your life partner not only accept, but it also can also enjoy the occasional dice’s roll , obviously would end leading occasional sacrifice.
Sacrifice I’ve tried to hide so far, the shame falls on a long career as House’s Lord of all gnarled and sharp things… because obviously … my pretty little flower decided that choose monsters, ie, Chaos …

So clear for my now: Tzeentch is laughing without measure with his play.
Because all that time, effort and desire dedicated to bring together the most chaotic and great horde to ravage the multiverse, lost and done with a simple:

-What army want to take?
-Obviously: the evil monsters and the bad boys in rusty armours.

And I thought myself: why not take advantage from Realm Of Chaos rulebooks, starting a campaign with our paladins challenging eternally?
Because despite everything, don’t got enough troop variety for two gods’ based warbands: the more loyal to Khorne, price paid gets greater.
But if I have only one champion’s army … I have everything a woman could want: minotaurs, ogres, trolls, werewolves, centaurs, a carnifex …

Well, finally the status quo made me rescue my beloved dwarfs  / squats, imperials and rat skins, Eldars and Space Wolves, to face what once was my unglorious recruits.
All this for the sake of fun and variety in our games, of course, and doing what any great boyfriend must do: gather a lot of sweet troops with bleeding flesh that The Lost and The Wretched of your sweetie could wreck …
And that’s where the Great Devourer appears again, with childhood fantasies of an Eldar’s army… and Christmas completed it … (with 3 walkers! Metal walkers! Hahahaha! (insert Vincent Price’s laughs here) )

Thanks to these very new additions, currently my small Eldar party  has increased enough to purchase their own little Craftworld and an exodita annex, which provided the brave defenders:

-Avatar. Or wingless Khorne’s Bloodthirster . And I’m on Khorne before her. And we owe both, Khorne and me. It’s something spiritual, you know
-Farseer (Actually Warlock with Witchsword)
-3 Dire Avengers  (actually three really old guardians. They`re promoted)
-5 Dark Reapers (yeah)
-3 Striking Scorpions (actually two, the third is one old guardian, promoted too)
-2 Warp Spiders (one Exarch)
-5 Swooping Hawks
-3 Scouts
-4 Wraithwards
-3 War Walkers

And the extras, following the beautiful tradition of “what you see is what you get” Chaos and house’s rules:

-2 Wild Warlocks; Teclis and one dark elves sorcerer
-1 Pirate Jetbike; dark eldar jetbike
-4 Howling Banshees; 3 witch elves and dark elves sorceress, maybe the Exarch (wear the same hairstyle right?)
-1 Exodite Dragon Knigh; dark elves knight on cold one (obviously)
-2 Scouts, Aenur and one dark elves assassin

Since we play 2nd Edition rules without restrictions to a minimum in units, it’s ok.
The total, with basic equipment, reaches 2497 points.
Not bad for a 41 minis army right?
Another better reason to play 2nd Edition: a large Chaos/Eldar/Space Marines army in only 30-40 models: two units, a pair of characters and one vehicle to have a fighting force of 2000 points. And Orks/Tyranids/Imperial Guard, about 50-60.
The cheap, the better!

The 2nd Edition “issues” (slowly play with too much vehicles, overpowered characters…) and how we solved it
-Only one vehicle armor value (front), but once is penetrated, is destroyed;
-Vehicles move with 2 velocities: normal and fast movement;
-Psychic powers: only the common appeared at Imperial Codex;
-Only basic equipment of the army lists, with some minor additions based on the WYSIWYG rule and common wargear: cavalry can take shields, psychic weapons, energy fields…
Besides, we play on D&D boards, whose cells lenght=1″ aprox, make so easy the movement.

On this “way of play”, we got a pair of mini-campaigns on Necromunda with some simplifications (last wound lost = out of combat, and credit-experience system changed to points you kill  = points you get) and 30 points in 2nd Edition Codex to spend on initial gangs (2-3 guys).
This allows us to play about 3-4 short battles by evening, with a pleasant feeling of escalation.

Another good reason to use 2nd Edition are Infernal Armies lists, which allow Chaos Warriors, Beastmen, and many more, as in Realm of Chaos: you got everything, present and past.
Hence, not to be outdone, has also elves and dwarves pitch in against the old enemy. Our mutual love for the steampunk imaginery make us open minded  to mix weapons from different ages and technologies, a recurring topic in W40K: primitive human settlements, eldar knights with laser spears, squat clans… and orks on boars.
And future looks even more interesting, with the enlargement, also Christmas through, of small but original collection that my loved half has begin to grow.

By our mutual hunger of horror movies, especially the ones including children as protagonists / antagonists (antagonists better…); thanks to Malifaux Neverborn miniatures on the Hide & Seek box and a blister from Bushido that includes a young summoner of bad bugs; all explode into the Children Of Chaos awakening:

children bn
From left to right:  GameZone  Dead Girl; Wrong Alice and Survivor Pete from Hasslefree  Miniatures

Many veterans remember that: one of Warhammer 40K great strengths was always its atmosphere, full of black humor, post-apocalyptic worlds everywhere, a cynical vision of our terrible future with quasi dehumanized humanity.

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.
In such an universe, an human child could live in a bed of roses … or through the most terrible experiences.
And Chaos’ there to worth it.
With this basis, we got three new psykers leeching the futile hope of my poor Craftworld, invoking monsters, demons and warriors on their way to open a gap in the Universe, a new Eye Of Terror.
The dead girl will be dedicated to Father Nurgle, and suits perfectly with undead marines, skeletons, orks and pestigors, feast of life begins.
Alicia surely follow the ways of Tzeentch, surrounding herself with mutants, twisted ogres, fallen elves and weres.
Finally, Pete will be the First Bloody Priest of Khorne / First Crazy Priest of Malal XD , sacrificing his psyche again and again to open the door to the servants of his lord, while recruit one by one the fiercest warriors in the Multiverse.
In addition, it lack the third Warmaster: my brother. And his Tau, bretons and his orks. And his orcs too. And also had additional additions.
But that’s another story.