Warhammer – Realm Of Chaos

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To all the mortal soul collectors out there: Hi XD

Today we compilate the two volumes of Realm of Chaos: Slaves To Darkness & The Lost And The Damned.

What can be said of them that hasn’t already been said yet?
Chaos starting point as we know it, with rules for Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer Roleplay and W40K plus own rules for campaigns in the Realms of Chaos where our champion on his way to ascend to the demonicity or fall into the deepest depths of the Chaos twisted madness of a mindless spawn…

For that, two lovely books that Joey stored so deep into the fridge’s freezer and would makes Lovecraft drool to infinity, with really cute cartoons of beast men, mutant tentacles and other…well, eh, things XD

If you haven’t, you are taking them by NOW.
Believe me.
You’ll welcome me instantly.

Enjoy it.

The Two Volumes >>>


Warhammer – Liber Chaotica

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Hi guys.
Thanks to the people of Oldhammer Spain, I remembered the existence of this deluxe edition with background from the Chaos Gods.

In my magpie’s like eagerness to hoarding, I’ve been lucky enough to find them quickly through MediaGet.

Its presentation is quite nice (if nice could been use with Chaos XD ), including sketches and notes, like a journal from a too curious scholar who had taken a trip across the Realm of Chaos.

Enjoy it >>>